sticks and stems and pasting melted hems
Posted by Onni Req on 2012-02-24 8:46:28am


so while i was listening to Kids with Gunz... i was a few songs in when a mental tangent kicked in. that one rap guy has something... i wish i had a vox track. a lot of a lot of people record shit they don't ever use... where the hell does that go? i want to use, abuse, reuse, and rebuse all of it. not just a hand full of stems and raws... but sacto gumbo for my collage... as well as my collage's collage and any further studies...and then i was like oh shit why don't i just make a band. oh yea (____________________________) is why.

i mean you get Hella to listen to Food for Animals then you equals Hill and the Death Grips. musical math flows like that stream of consciousness writing session i have with my therapist that one time... so...

why doesn't sacramento have a sound? because i didn't make it yet.

now accepting sound donations @
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