Re: Crime matinee this Sunday
Posted by danielwarner on 2007-12-14 1:35:44am

Haha $2 penalty for being underage

:Just a pleasant reminder: This coming Sunday, Dec. 16th, all ages daytime matinee (meaning if you stumble over at 9 p.m. you will be sorely disappointed)
:Silk Bar and Cafe, 1011 Del Paso Blvd, 95815 (not too far from Arden and Del Paso, right next to a light rail stop).
:Doors open at noon, music starts at 1 p.m., must end by 8 p.m.
:ALL AGES, $6 over 21, $8 under 21, in addition to drinks, the Silk has a kitchen and serves food, so you can eat there. This show will be great, celebrating upstarts and old farts....
:CRIME (back on the streets)
:THE BANANAS (Sacramento legends in pretty much everyone but their own minds in a rare local all ages show)
:NO ADMISSION (teen pop-punk sensations, how do kids so young play so tight?)
:THE FOUR EYES (barely disguised genius)
:ISONOMY (if their drummer can make it, she just got grounded)
:uncuT:Hunks (creative, in your face hardcore fronted by Mick Mucus)
:NOWHERES (a big beer soaked Thunderesque f.u.)
:THE DISGUSTEENS (teen punk rockers gone berzerk)
:...that enough for ya?
:If you want to remember how good Crime were back in 1976, go over to and listen to "Hot Wire My Heart", if you want to discover how good they sound in 2007 go over to and hear some stuff from their brand new lp "Exalted Masters"

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