Cyber-Organic/Soul-Core band needs a Drummer
Posted by Aaron on 2014-07-21 4:02:03pm

Hi, Maija & Aaron from Veins to Wires here. We’re a Cyber-Organic/Soul-Core (think Hard Rock & Funk hybridized with Electronic Dance Music) group that recently moved to Sacramento from Portland, Oregon. We are looking for a drummer / percussionist to add to the band. Here’s a bit about V II W, the people, and what we’re looking for :

Veins to Wires is a Hybrid Electronica group. Maija sings and Aaron plays the guitar and some bass and keyboard. The rest of the music is composed and sequenced on a computer and played by synths and drum machines. Our drum tracks tend to be very dense - we often layer a world beat groove with a straight-ahead rock or funk groove and play them simultaneously. We’re looking for a tight drummer with a streamlined rock kit who will lay down fat grooves to a click while the drum machines play the more exotic percussion instruments. We also have some acoustic (no synths) songs so if you play hand drums that’s a +

We’re starting to gig out in the area (Torch Club, Marylin’s on K) and we hope to be playing regionally before long. We want this to be a full-time project for us and we’re looking for someone with a flexible schedule who is completely fanatical about playing music and who will eventually be willing to travel as the project grows.

Check out our tunes and find out more about the band on our web page -

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