dj dog dick this wednesday (5/28)
Posted by robert on 2014-05-25 3:29:54pm

at 3rd space in davis! this wednesday.

truthfully, i fucking love dj dog dick.

this song especially.

max eisenballs, former pillar of baltimore, now of nyc, ex-nautical almanac (wayy back when), toured with costes (i had to read that on this pitchfork review!), gracing the central valley. not actually a dj unless that wasn't clear, in the dorkass sense of the word.

new LP out now on HOSS..

speaking of which, he's touring with MEXCELLENT which are a hard band to decipher. there's a "plunderphonics" hashtag in there. noise? live drums? female vocals? i dare hesitate to cite a band with the initials H.P. but maybe that's more accurate than not. and hard to say what the 2014 instrumentation is, how much has changed over the last 7 years. a little devil whispered in my ear the HOSS honcho is behind the wheel, but who knows for sure? that's a fine pedigree.

and to round out a delightfully concise 3 band bill i lucked out in getting Lauren Bousfeld, whose previous project I won't mention here but you can figure it out probably. last I checked now residing in or around Sacramento, which makes sense.. you see him around but only ephemerally.


hope you can make it, unfortunately i'll be in the arctic ocean. but i still had to make sure this happened!
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