show help around nov 17: Suicide Magnets & Coral Reefer Madness Band
Posted by robert on 2013-10-16 4:30:47pm

some good friends of mine coming through. Suicide Magnets used to be a solo project of one W. Hyatt but is now being backed up by 2/3 of the band NECRONOMITRON who.. man, really ripped.

let me just start there (i'm in this vid somewhere btw)

which now gives you something like..

also playing is a ""project"" called STRIPPED DOWN CORAL REFER MADNESS BAND (give or take, maybe there's no actual title) which is basically necronomitron but covering island tunes, some jimmmy buffet, etc in the classical sense. i know it sounds suspect but that's not the reality here. going to be really good. my man adam taber's brainchild who literally has never done anything bad in his life. no vids / none needed.

already sorta working on it but if you got a line, email r pic kle /GMAIL
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