Frequently Asked Questions:

Whats with those ":"s in my replies?
Those are for quoting the message you're replying to. If a line starts with a : it is implied that the line is quoting the author of the post you're replying to.

Is HTML allowed in my posts?
YES, until you vags piss everyone off enough. Photos and links are encouraged though. Here's how-

<a href ="">html link text</a> for links

<img src=""> for pictures

Where can I get the script for this message board?
the board is called tribbyBoard and is available for free at

What is the story with Pierre LaChance?
Superlative canadian board spammer from undietacos of yore.

Who is "DAWSON?"
DAWSON is everything you wish you could be. He dabbles, he is eloquent, and he is a master of prestadigitation. Shout his name 3 times and he will appear.

Why are some names underlined?
This is a security measure to protect ben duax. You can underline your name too by signing up here.

Why can't I change/use the "email" form?
It helps stop the spargbots because they always fill that field, and it keeps the same spammers from collecting your email address. Just add your email in the message somewhere, but be sure to mask it ala yourname{{nospam!!}}


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