Re: where do the freaks play??
Posted by me on 2016-04-12 4:32:25pm

TheColony/CafeColonial are good spaces that let you do pretty much whatever you want. All ages too

:hey i live, play music and book shows in oakland. i wanna start comin out and playing sac/davis more. who should i talk to about booking noise/experimental/freaky/electronic/avant garde??
:ive played at third space in bitter fruit, centre, and cloud lite. cool spot but whats up with the house show and noise show scenes? i was in american splits and we played a maximum freedom fest years back. i got love for the area but i dont know whats goin on there anymore. hows the underground undietacos??
:here's some rough ideas/practice sessions of what i do solo:
:lemme know if you have suggestions of whom to play with or where to play

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