Re: new house venue in davis
Posted by david on 2016-04-12 2:39:56am

so whats the status on this??

i play in a few bands in oakland and i do a solo project on the experimental side. has this house got off the ground? is there a noise/experimental scene? i havent found that niche of peeps the last time i played there.

basically, if we book a noise/freak show will peeps show up? early june. when is school out?? a house would be sick or a weird venue. anybody know of some acts to play with? the show will feature some ratskin records (malocculsion, bonus beast, slanted square, maya songbird) peeps from oakland. we're goin on tour to the pnw in june and wanna play davis/sac but whats up with it?? third space is cool but will the freaks show up or what??


:hey all! A couple of friends and I are distraught over the hiatus of a bunch of house venues in davis and want to see more noise/hxc/powerviolence (although not strictly so) in the area. So we're looking into setting up our house in central/north davis as possibly a new venue. Its not a huge place but should be big enough to put on some good shows. Just wanted to ask some advice from house show veterans on how to successfully run a venue. Mainly concerned about noise violations and how to minimize any police interaction. Is it worth it to get a noise permit? any and all advice on this would be sick.

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