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Posted by concerto on 2015-10-04 2:23:16pm

that's cool as shit and i hope this thread gets lots of positive replies

i don't live within like 10000 kilometres of there but in my experience from doing the same in davis:

-never, ever get a noise permit. much better to simply be cool with your neighbours. work on that. build good energy. it's a fine line between trying to just slide a show by un-noticed and telling your neighbours ahead of time so really it all depends. but don't tell the cops beforehand. no noise permit. not in davis.

-usually the problem is not the noise of the bands but the noise and behaviour of the people at the show. everyone hates the sound of laughter. you're not going to be able to force to stay inside but do keep them in the backyard out of sight and as far away from the neighbours as possible. i always thought setting up a pink noise generator pointed outwards to mask all the voices in the backyard would be funny.

-always start at 8. tell people you're starting at 8, and start at 8. or tell people you're starting at 7 and start at 8. you have to establish your space as a "hey they're actually gonna start at 8" zone and people will respect it.

-congruent to that last one, don't over-book the show. sometimes you gotta say no to people. have it be about 1 hour of actual music and stay on top of the chuckleheads who are supposed to be setting up.

-don't have a show every weekend. probably once or twice a month at the most. this is for your own sake as well.

-did everyone like all my commonwealth spellings or what. cheers,

:hey all! A couple of friends and I are distraught over the hiatus of a bunch of house venues in davis and want to see more noise/hxc/powerviolence (although not strictly so) in the area. So we're looking into setting up our house in central/north davis as possibly a new venue. Its not a huge place but should be big enough to put on some good shows. Just wanted to ask some advice from house show veterans on how to successfully run a venue. Mainly concerned about noise violations and how to minimize any police interaction. Is it worth it to get a noise permit? any and all advice on this would be sick.

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