MONDAY: Vomettes / Teeange Burritos / Croissants / Armando Rivera
Posted by croissants on 2012-07-26 11:51:39pm

Monday July 30th

TEENAGE BURRITOS (Burger Records / Cowabunga Babes members)

Luigi's Fungarden
All Ages $5 8pm

Vomettes, another band from Austin that are making their way thru Sacramento. Not sure what draws them here, but they keep coming! Rad girl fronted punk with silly and kind of nasty lyrics. Fun stuff. There's a song called "Wrong Hole", the refrain being "I AINT NO RIOT GRRL" if that gives you any idea.

Teenage Burritos from San Diego are kind of fucked girl pop with a "we just picked up these instruments and starting playing them and this is what happened" sort of 'tude. They were a lot of fun to watch. Features Lucy and Brian of Christmas Island and Cowabunga Babes. Here's a track from their debut tape out on BURGER RECORDS.

You should know the Croissants by now! Albright-blessed youngin's with a passion for punk. No frills, no nerds, just fuckin punk, dude! ps. it's the only croissants show of the summer.

Armando Rivera, I have heard, is a Guided by Voices obsessive. Give you an idea? Hooks for days. I'm exciting to finally see em live! Plus his band is called the Featherweight Champions, pretty cute.
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