G. Green "Crap Culture"
Posted by Lew Diamond Henderson on 2012-07-03 11:49:15pm

hey y'all. my band that is called G. Green has an LP coming out on a label called Mt. St. Mtn. Mark Kaiser (ex-Mayyors, ex-Sacto) runs the thing. The LP is called Crap Culture and it's limited to 300 copies. Uber-deluxe packaging (art by jay howell) n stuff. Preorder starts soon, so, if you want to get one you should click this link and join their mailing list so you can get first dibs. We (G. Green) will be playing a slew of "release shows" up and down the west coast for the next couple months so you can probably get one at one of those events if you're so inclined. But don't wait around for me to show up on your doorstep; if you need it, buy it. and i know you need it.

check out this website and follow directions to join the mailing list

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