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Posted by julian on 2012-05-31 4:03:57pm

you all need to shut your flap hard. g. green works really hard. They deserve to be over rated. It's funny to me that they even could be over rated since they don't have an album out yet. It comes out in July btw. I suggest you listen to it before you make off hand remarks. But obviously no one cares what you think anyway otherwise they wouldnt be the only band in sac with a significant draw and people standing in line to put out their records. To end, your anonymity disgusts me. I am sick now, sickened by you. But for your sake, I hope you put out great music, work hard and really care about what you do and say.

::I'm a band, is there any chance I can get on a show with G. Green? Check us out @
:wow, me too. except i think ggreen are over rated and boring, so i don't want to play with them, ever.

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