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Posted by Jim Stallis on 2012-04-11 10:32:20am

hi, my name is Jim Stallis of Jim Stallis's Plant Arousal House. as you can guess, we specialize in arousing plants' sensations in a very tender manner, delicate to the plants needs. we pride ourselves in arousing these plants just as much as the plants love arousing us. some dont understand, but i can tell you do. one man called me a 'sick perv'(i hear 'sick' is a cool word these days?) and said "why the fu-- are you naked, feelin' up on that plant?" and then punched me in the face. you know what i said to him? "plants have feelings and sensations too, you idiot!"

dont worry my friend, you are not alone. if you ever want to help the cause, we're located behind wal-mart in antelope. we're working on getting a website up and running with live footage of plant arousal for all the horny plant lovers. LOL, im kidding... but we might actually do that tho.

:I've never met another who cares for plants and their emotions and sensations. If you or someone you know has this in common, send me a line and we can form a get together. My perspective, is that everybody is mean, and nobody thinks twice about injuring a plant.

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