Re: Re: Re: Where are the good bands?
Posted by Snowy Plover Habit on 2012-02-18 10:00:09am

::... because you haven't made a good band yet. Get to it mother fucker.
:::Excuse me, where are the good bands and why does the same trash keep booking?
:Will you be in my bands?

Just a few questions...

How many bands are we doing? Do you know how to play anything (because I don't)? Will you be in my bands? Am I going to be the only on working on this?

I will be in your bands. Aid you, yes, I will be in your bands all of. Olive will be a song name. Nomen est? Names are not important at the moment. Momentum will pick up next year or something. Me thinks anyone around with a desire to make sound will be involved... but it will probably just be me... with projects surrounding contributing vox + instrumental talents. Not just talon deep in the works,sound art scapers like Fl'Ava Mendozer and Mt. Zachariah will be informed at a later time period. Period, I got mine... Release Dates 2015... All of them... Period.

Take note of this... like get a fucking pen and write it down. Write it down 10 times. Write it down 10 times and tear it into 10 pieces. Now that you've warmed up, write legibly; =Get Paper. Place fist on paper. Trace fist. Remove hand and close the gap. Repeat this process four times. Write the date inside each. Cut paper around the traced lines and additional non-traced line. Make additions as you see fit. On the flip side, write instructions= they can be your own instructions... it would be preferred that they are your own and completely irrelevant to this exercise... as you see fit.

The point.... ? ...

This has been an Official Message from that guy with those hazeyl eyes and the scar.

Want to be a part of 2015?
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