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Posted by onama on 2011-12-01 7:02:17am

>The White House has threatened to veto the $662 billion measure over tough new rules requiring military detention of terrorism suspects and affirming that US citizens who join extremist groups may be detained forever without trial.

>Senators voted 88-12 to end debate on the legislation one day after they beat back an attempt to strip the detainee rules -- despite warnings from the FBI, the Pentagon, and the US Director of National Intelligence that they risk crippling counter-terrorism efforts.

>The controversial measures affirm Obama's right to hold suspected terrorists indefinitely, including US citizens, and calls for Al-Qaeda fighters who plot or carry out attacks on US targets to be held in military, not civilian, custody.

>But they allow Obama to decide whether a detainee fits that definition, and permit the government to hold suspected Al-Qaeda fighters in civilian custody after formally declaring that to be in the US national security interest.


The Senate wants to give the President king-like powers but Obama is rejecting their offer. He's the hero America deserves.

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