Re: occupy davis
Posted by Amateur hour on 2011-11-22 3:36:45pm

Cry me a river... not like these kids represent poor minority families. Just the middle-class vying for more resources; just like every cake eating kid on this message board trying to get their lame band some more shows in a mediocre market. If people recognized the economic resturcturing for what it is, something that has been in process for the last 30 years, then there would be some real change... as it is, most people just want the status quo, of the 90's, for example, to be available so they can get their degree, buy stuff, and still complain in the most pleasantly democratic way possible.

Everyone is just pissed because they weren't pepper sprayed. I know someone who can help rid you of that envy.

:just saw this. ffffuuuuuuuuu

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