Mon 8/22: Garrincha, Corcoran/Steed, Polyps, Carter Mullin
Posted by davy on 2011-08-19 10:11:36am

Monday, August 22 8:30pm - 11:30pm
Luigi's Fun Garden
1050 20th St

8pm doors, $5

Garrincha & The Stolen Elk (Weird Forest Records)
G+SE is Matt Kretzmann (Delayed Sleep) + Davy Bui (ex-Antennas Erupt!, ex-Repressive Proteins) and make 21st century music, which is a synthesis of a bunch of 20th century music. Pitchfork's Out Door hailed the new album, Void, as one of the most overlooked albums in 2011. Come check it out cuz this is our last Sacramento show for 2011.
Garrincha "Tower of Babble" video.

The Polyps (Eggy Records)
Polys is Raf Spielman, who also does Eggy Records and has put out awesome releases by Orca Team, Woolen Men, Pak, Toning and a boat load others. Polyps sounds like indie-raga music, if such a thing could exist. It's intense and beautiful.

Carter Mullin
15 year-old dude has a number of releases under his name as well as the monikers Calypso Borealis, Reedbeds and probably a few others but whatever he calls himself, Carter is bring the zoned-out guitar drone/jamz. Definitely an artist who's gonna bend a lotta minds in the coming years (he already is now), I'm ultra stoked he's playing this show.

Kevin Corcoran / Wes Steed Duo
Dudes should need no introduction. Wes has been in the scene forever, with Park Avenue Music and now w/ Hearts+Horses. Kevin too, w/ bands like Get Get Go, Antennas Erupt!, his own amazing solo stuff, Dead Western Trio. The melding of Wes' electronics and Kevin's soundscrapes will be fascinating -- don't miss!
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