Re: rotten apples - july 27 at some weird hole
Posted by sacpunkshows on 2011-07-26 1:08:06pm

faggettes are on tour from Boston -- play pretty sweet garagey stuff with female vox, Mr. Plow is I think one guy doing comedy/folk stuff from Portland (self-described as Neil Young meets GG Allin). Crypt of the Grave are from Portland too I think. Vanderslices are a newish local indie psych pop band who a lot of folks like a lot. I think show was a combined booking between Amb Pirate who books most of the stuff at Fire Escape and David Hayden of Boats! helping out some of the folks he's played with on tour. But I could be wrong about all of this

it should be a really cool mixed up show, hope people make it out to give it the appreciation it deserves
:i know there's another show but this show might be pretty fun too:
:Wed, 7/27
:The Faggettes - Rotten Apples - Vanderslices - MR.Plow - Crypt of the Grave
:@The Fire Escape Bar & Grill presents: (7431 Madison Ave 95610)
:i don't know who these bands are or this place or who on earth booked this, and i told rotten apples as much and sort of shook my head sullenly when they showed me the info, but i love their band. members of dream house, lexie mountain boys.. t-rex modeling school meets burnt garbage on the side of the road. it'll definitely be different than what CA is used to.

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