Re: rotten apples - july 27 at some weird hole
Posted by roberto on 2011-07-25 3:50:56pm

i am not a promoter of any before mentioned bands or a involved with fire escape in any way for i am roberto and not robert

:i know there's another show but this show might be pretty fun too:
:Wed, 7/27
:The Faggettes - Rotten Apples - Vanderslices - MR.Plow - Crypt of the Grave
:@The Fire Escape Bar & Grill presents: (7431 Madison Ave 95610)
:i don't know who these bands are or this place or who on earth booked this, and i told rotten apples as much and sort of shook my head sullenly when they showed me the info, but i love their band. members of dream house, lexie mountain boys.. t-rex modeling school meets burnt garbage on the side of the road. it'll definitely be different than what CA is used to.

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