Yes Canceled ... I Forgot to Update
Posted by DJ Rick on 2011-05-07 9:07:05pm

Sorry....I have a million irons in the fire now with a hundred shows to adopt to new venues, so I didn't update the Undietacos listing for May 19.

Cheveu were warned by US Customs that they'd be deported and banned for five years if they came here. They tried to get papers to make the tour official, but it was too late. They'll try again later.

May 19 is still happening with a new touring headliner instead....Mattress from Portland. Quite a lucky turn of events.

G. Green's still playing, too!
And the Loftons from Stockton are great. I saw 'em one time at The Hub, and they were kinda like the best show I'd ever seen by Psychedelic Horseshit, but more consistently ruling from start to finish.


::How would we know? Try contacting the band through their myspace

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