4/11 Sacto stormed
Posted by Ken Fury on 2011-03-22 8:55:15am

in just under 3 weeks....Sacto will be invaded by 2 of the BEST punk bands to come out of the U.S. in years. Mark your calendars for Monday Aprill 11th...

"Austin's DESKONOCIDOS play the absolute best combination of '80s Spanish punk, dark post punk, and some infectious brand of melodic proto hardcore. Basically, you will pound your fist into the air and dance your ass off and scream along at the top of your lungs singing some total gibberish because your ass probably doesn't speak Spanish. These songs are culled from their EPs on Todo Destruido and Lengua Armada, the split with SACRED SHOCK and two unreleleased bangers that close out the tape. Songs like "Desaparecer" and "Juventud Perida" are instant classics, while there are moments ("Pesadillas" specifically) that remind me of more mainstream pseudo post punk bands, but delivered with a raw fury that the radio hitmakers could never replicate. Get into the songs, and go see them live." www.myspace.com/deskonocidos

"Coming from Austin, Texas, Criaturas is female fronted Spanish d-beat hardcore. Members were/are in Filthy Fuckers, Bastard Sons of Apocalypse, Vaaska, Deskonocidos, Severed Head of State, Storm the Tower, J Church, Signal Lost, Scorched Earth Policy, Kodiak, and Meadowlark. Pretty awesome pedigree there. And it shows on this record."

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