THE BODY - august FIF
Posted by robert on 2010-07-14 6:13:34pm

repost/ i know it looks grim so anything would help.

hey this providence band The Body needs a show in sacto on 8/5, and i think it
needs to happen.

2 piece heavy loud wailers. i saw them about a month ago with an orchestra of
about 15 ladies dressed in red and 8 drummers and that was pretty remarkable,
here's a photo with yours truly in it actually!

here's a video of them playing last year

they are loud and chip, the singer, is an 1+ #A dude who sings without a mic
sometimes despite how loud it is. total hilarious friendly chillers.

myspace here

they just put out a 2xLP that has like 6 songs on it.

email me or chip (funnylookingsheep AT if you can help!
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