Re: Sewn Leather/Narwhalz/DJ Dog Dick Cancelled???
Posted by DJ Rick on 2010-07-13 12:19:34am

This was never set up anywhere. Sorry. The Hub was already booked. Hub and Sol don't do shows on the same night. These bands don't draw well enough to fill even 1/10 of Sol Collective anyway. There was already a show booked at V Street Den. And when I first asked everyone in Davis if it could happen at a house there, nobody responded. Asked one responded. By the time someone offered to help find a Davis house, the bands told me that they found a place in a different city.

Moral of the story....if you see a show listed as Venue TBD for weeks on end and is listed as KDVS Presents, get in touch with me and tell me you can have that party in your basement/garage/living room/whatever.

:I thought this was set up for the Sol?
:What happened

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