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Brother Raven (Seattle)
Matt Carlson (PDX)
Sagan Genesis
+ Mr. Tobe's Mechanic of a Clydesdale

7pm all ages and donation are encouraged

Additional information:

Brother Raven is a Seattle-based duo composed of Jamie Potter (of Bonus, Million Mists, Father Sound), and Jason Anderson (BNSF, Spare Death Icon, Harpoon Pole Vault, Gift Tapes). Improvised synthesizers, tapes, and other effects, and the sound is reminiscent of late 70s/early 80s electronics and synth, with vibes ranging from relaxing, tropical sea-breeze to stark, desolate, arctic tundra and deep-space meteor mining mission. OR here:

Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever, Bonus, Parenthetical Girls) who plays a sort of virtuosic head-trip modular synth music. for samples and other info.

Sagan Genesis (Sunburned Dad in a Van) will be the house band for the evening. This one man wrecking machine will dose each and every member of the audience with 1000 hits of LSD with his smooth SK-1 frequent flier mile book on tape improvisations.

AND INTRODUCING: Mr. Tobe's Mechanic of a Clydesdale (mems. of Afternoon Brother, Mucky The Ducky) comprised of Sean and Jon Bafus will be debuting as a duo. Should be ripping or really chill.
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