Sacto u a FOOL 4 this 1
Posted by I can throw some stacks girl on 2010-06-08 3:20:21am

hey whats up homies. i saw that BUSDRIVER is playin a show on FRIDAY
can someone plz tell him to instead play on SATURDAY?? I would but I lost his cell number...

and since im here i also want to request whoever runs this to re-open FOOLS FOUNDATION and book OJ DA JUICEMAN to play there.
The reason im askin is cuz FOOLS FOUNDATION was way better than LUIGIS and i dont have to be around pizza that way.

OJ DA JUICEMAN says on his album OTHA SIDE OF THA TRAP, "catch me in yo trap and im still gettin money" and ive been wanting 2 see if he could really get $ in SAC cuz ive had no luck in these tough economic times. it would be really inspirational to me and many others.

godamn he got hundreds and when he pulls up to the mall he is in 45 Hummers. when Dan Deacon played at FF he only had 1 car and it was hella shitty. I think havin someone show up with 45 Hummers would be good for our image since people always hate on indie guys for lookin broke as shit. i want to prove to everyone that we boom off the chain and are the truth.

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