WF Distro: new Emeralds, Sublime Freq, Abner Jay & Fanajana comp
Posted by Weird Forest on 2010-05-19 10:48:01am

If interested, buy via Paypal & I'll refund shipping & do local pick-up. Or eBay later. Sales tax has to be added, sorry, so we can settle that at pick-up.

Mark McGuire Tidings/Amethyst Waves 2xLP is due at Weird Forest HQ
early next week. It's been a long time coming but it will be worth
the wait, we promise. Second press of the CD version is also due in
1-2 weeks.

New Emeralds 2xLP "Does It Look Like I'm Here?" on Mego is now
available in the distro. Quantities are very limited so act fast. If
you have a McGuire pre-order and want to combine orders, please put a
note in the Paypal comments and we will refund applicable shipping
charges on your new order and ship both items next week. For more
info and to buy, visit our special mailing list distro page:

Buy Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here 2xLP, $25

Also got the brand-new Sublime Frequencies LP - Ecstatic Music of the
Jemaa El Fna in stock. From what I've heard so far, this album is
spectacular and if you have any interest in the label and its niche,
this is a must-buy release. Rock the sound sample and buy here:

Buy Sublime Frequencies - Ecstactic Music of Jemaa El Fna, $23

Mississippi Records is one of our favorite record labels and we have
a couple new releases in the distro. The first Abner Jay LP, The True
Story of Abner Jay, is one of my favorite albums and the second LP
presents even more of the soul and charisma this one-man tour de
force. Mining familiar blues and folk territory with more soul and
charisma than you can imagine, Jay infuses his songs with the stuff
of real life. Essential stuff. The other MS LP is a compilation of
the recent 3xLP Fanajana set -- some great melodic African music with
hints of highlife compiled by Charles Brooks and lovingly packaged in
a gorgeous jacket with a 16 page booklet.

Buy Abner Jay - Folk Song Stylist, $13

Buy Fanajana - Music & Photography from Madigasikara, $13

Again, any McGuire pre-orders that want to combine items above with
their pre-order and save on shipping, just put a note in the Paypal

Upcoming Releases

*DJ Yo-Yo Dieting - Bubblethug 2xLP/CD*
*Lil B - Rain In England 2xLP*

Until next time,

Weird Forest Records
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